• The most powerful way to reach your audience no matter what they are watching.

The most powerful way to reach your audience no matter what when how they are watching

A market leader for more than a decade

INVIDI’s addressable TV advertising solution has revolutionized the television industry by making viewing a more satisfying experience, allowing marketers to reach their target audiences without wasting impressions and greatly enhancing the value of advertising inventory for distributors and programmers.

INVIDI Features & Benefits

Powered by INVIDI, distributors around the globe are deploying technology to enable household-level targeting via the set-top box and other addressable-enabled devices.


Reach target audiences regardless of what or when they’re watching

Ad inventory

Increase value and drive new revenue possibilities for ad sales


Precision targeting, end-to-end measurement, and accountability


Proven privacy-compliant solutions enabled around the globe

Game changing, technology driving, audience precision, and brand impact

Powered by household data matching, the INVIDI system maximizes advertising effectiveness and reduces the waste of traditional TV advertising. This helps advertisers reach their target audience on any TV – live, Video on Demand (VOD), Over the Top (OTT), and mobile.

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Matthew Van Houten, SVP, Product, Operations & Business Development at DirecTV Advertising