Viewers have more choice over how when they watch media content than ever before

Fragmented audiences are a massive challenge for advertisers

Fortunately, INVIDI’s addressable technology solves this dilemma.

With using targeting data from a wide array of potential sources, the system creates anonymous device-level profiles that are matched to an advertiser’s desired characteristics. Advertisers are finally able to deliver targeted ads through addressable-enabled cable, satellite, and telco video content networks to reach the right viewer regardless of what, how, and when they’re watching.

Audience Aggregation

Combine audiences across multiple television networks to optimize ad inventory and to monetize underperforming or unsold inventory.

Spot Optimization

Target different demographics watching a single commercial break and increase the value of commercial inventory by monetizing every viewer.

Zone Targeting

Target specific regions with relevant localized advertising content and increase demand and pricing for commercial inventory.

For the first time on TV, advertisers have the ability to stop paying to reach viewers who are unlikely to take action cap viewing frequency to avoid viewer fatigue and improve reach tell stories that evolve over time, deepening engagement personalize creative for each relevant segment test responses and adjust future messages measure campaign results and optimize ROI deliver linked or complementary messaging across devices

Proven results across many industries

Advertisers both big and small are taking advantage of these unique capabilities. Hundreds of marketers have run thousands of campaigns using addressable technology across all major categories.

Low cost, low barriers to use

The INVIDI system is purpose-built to minimize conflicts with existing video content delivery infrastructure, mitigating capital investment requirements. With the guidance of INVIDI’s skilled technology and operations team, systems can be adapted to a range of processes, workflows and architectures, minimizing risk to any deployment: linear, VOD and OTT.

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