Optimize. Maximize. Unite.

Introducing INVIDI Edge™, an unparalleled video ad tech platform that integrates the entire advertising ecosystem.

At INVIDI, we have a single vision: target qualified viewing audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

With INVIDI Edge™, we offer a unified video ad tech platform that joins our linear addressable offering with our IP-delivered advertising solution. The resulting platform simplifies operations, promotes nimbleness and agility, and helps advertisers reach qualified audiences more efficiently.

The end-to-end solution includes:

Subscriber Targeting

Fast and accurate to support your customers’ changing needs. 

Campaign Management & Monitoring

Simplified and streamlined to improve operational efficiencies. 

Ad Decisioning

Versatile to support your complex ecosystem.

Experience Management

Optimum ad exposure with cross-platform campaign metrics.

Inventory Rights & Management

Seamlessly deliver campaigns across inventory pools without special handling.

Ad Routing

State-of-the-art routing, translation, decoration, and response management.

Performance & Analytics

Real-time visibility to drive detailed insights, improve decision making, and maximize agility.

System Monitoring

Detailed view of campaign and system health paired with guided troubleshooting.

As a best-of-breed system, the INVIDI solution is:

  • Cost-efficient

    Minimizes disruption to legacy processes, workflows, and architecture while avoiding costly capital investment.

  • Advanced

    Uses exclusive, patented intellectual property to deliver unprecedented capabilities for TV and across devices.

  • Reliable

    Delivers smooth, monitored advertising insertions that do not jeopardize the underlying video signal.

  • Intelligent

    Enables third-party data analysis for advertisers to make more informed decisions and clearly demonstrate campaign ROI.

  • Data-driven

    Enable more informed decisions through better use of readily-available data.

  • Privacy-centered

    Identify and target the right audience without invading the consumer’s privacy.

  • Device-agnostic

    Engage the right audience no matter what, when or how they’re watching.

Case Study

Take the Pain out of the Campaign with a +42% Sales Rate Lift.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 42% Sales rate lift
  • 38% Penetration lift

Learn more about their results on our Case Studies page.