Maximize digital ad spend ROI with enhanced visibility yield on every impression clash protection in-flight monitoring

Combine programmatic trading and traditional direct ad serving in a unified ad platform

Manage, serve, and optimize ad delivery across direct and programmatic sales channels in a single user interface with INVIDI Pulse™. INVIDI Pulse™ decides which video ads to show on available inventory, manages delivery based on preset campaign guidelines, and ensures the best price for every impression.

Pulse Matrix

Smart. Efficient. Flexible.

INVIDI Pulse is a sell-side solution that enables broadcasters and premium publishers to serve ads and programmatic capabilities across multiple media types.


Sell and execute smart ad campaigns across linear programming and VOD on IP-connected devices.


Monetize the entire viewing audience when only a fraction of the viewership sees an addressable ad.

Flexibly align

Flexibly align with linear sales models and practices that are used on the non-digital side of the business.

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Learn how INVIDI Pulse allows you to effectively manage, serve, and optimize ads across direct and programmatic sales channels within a single user interface.

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