Addressable Advertising

Advertiser Benefits

Advertising is changing – drastically

TV advertising has been a dominant marketing channel across the world for more than 60 years. However, in promising increased campaign effectiveness through data collection and integration, online media alternatives are challenging this dominance.

INVIDI’s addressable advertising technology leapfrogs both traditional TV ads and online marketing tools by delivering these data-driven capabilities for advertisers using any television platform for their campaign. For the first time on television, advertisers can:

Buy access to your preferred
audience, NOT a program
Stop paying for programs an audience might be watching and target the right audience whatever – and whenever – they’re watching.
Control the delivery of
your message
Manage frequency, reach and separation to reduce viewer fatigue, improve awareness and craft marketing stories that evolve over time, deepening engagement.
Test responses and adapt
Customize messaging and compare results to inform future strategies and quickly adapt to new opportunities for your messages.
Coordinate key elements of
cross-channel campaigns
Monitor effectiveness across platforms and create complementary messaging for specific devices to drive engagement.
Measure results and
maximize ROI
Track viewer interactions and connect data sources to close the loop on customer activities and drive true marketing outcomes.


… all without risking consumer privacy

All data is maintained anonymously, with no personally identifiable information (PII) being captured by the INVIDI system.


Case Study

Take the Pain out of the Campaign with a +42% Sales Rate Lift.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 42% Sales rate lift
  • 38% Penetration lift

Learn more about their results on our Case Studies page.