Robust viewer data is at the heart of the INVIDI addressable advertising solutions.  Our ability to target households – across devices – is unmatched by both traditional linear TV and programmatic advertising and provides a truly device agnostic, or all-screens solution.

Data Consolidation is a Powerful Resource

The INVIDI system offers the capacity to easily combine a variety of data sources to achieve the message-delivery precision that advertisers need. This flexibility enables advertisers to go beyond traditional demographics (age/gender) to also include psychographic and behavioral information for more accurate household targeting. Common data sources employed include:


Product ownership, purchase history, inquiry history, target lists, and custom segmentations

Service Providers / TV Distributors

Costumer data from their subscriber base


Organizations able to provide demographic profiles, geo-segmentations, and access to other specialty databases

Targeting done on the fly

How powerful is the INVIDI Solution? Powerful enough to integrate each data set, determine the preferred audience, choose, and stream the appropriate ad(s), all in real time. The result: advertisers reach only the households they want, vastly reducing waste, and optimizing existing ad inventories through higher per-viewer revenue and more efficient ad allocation.

Measuring the impact of impressions – at a household level

The INVIDI system captures detailed impression data that records information on every attempted ad delivery and that illustrates how ads are being delivered and consumed at the individual device level, including:

Which ad was played, what time it played, and how long it was viewed

Which network the ad played on

The number of times the ad played over a specified time period

Closing the loop – options for unprecedented conversion tracking

The ability to match conversion data with impression data is a capability that moves the potential of addressable advertising far ahead of traditional linear or programmatic TV. By enabling advertisers to use third-party data options, INVIDI users can track consumer response to a specific call to action. Marketers can easily see the completion of the marketing cycle and their campaign impact. Tracking this behavior is invaluable to advertisers, particularly as they prepare segmentation analyses and predictive modeling for future campaigns.

Privacy preserved while targeting

Despite the use of multiple data sources, INVIDI systems protect consumer privacy and meet legislated protection requirements around the world.

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