The INVIDI team is committed to delivering addressable advertising solutions around the globe and has designed our system to be flexible enough to meet even the most stringent consumer data regulations.

Privacy is a Core Principle

INVIDI understands the privacy concerns of modern consumers and takes this issue seriously. We have been meeting U.S. privacy regulations for over a decade to drive success for our customers and to protect the privacy of the audiences they connect with.

Privacy by design inspires consumer confidence

While one of the key differentiators of addressable TV advertising is its use of audience-targeted data, the privacy needs of consumers must be recognized. That is why our solutions protect their privacy while providing precision audience targeting that generates improved revenue for advertisers and ad inventory owners.

No PII collected or stored supports privacy around the world

With INVIDI systems, no personally identifiable information (PII) is collected or stored within those systems. To protect viewer privacy, audience classifier data is not available to the INVIDI system or its users. This ensures a consumer-friendly system that meets privacy legislation requirements around the world.

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