Technology is fundamentally changing the way brands connect with audiences through television

At the forefront of this movement is INVIDI’s addressable advertising solution, a powerful system for using data to maximize advertising effectiveness and reduce the waste of traditional linear and programmatic advertising standards.

Simply put ...

INVIDI enables TV operators to deliver the tools advertisers need to generate powerful campaigns through precisely-targeted audience messaging with unparalleled reach.  These tools produce measurable and improved ROI.

Don’t guess what your audience might be watching…
target your audience whatever they are watching

This “device-agnostic solution” means ads are delivered to the right household no matter:

  • What program or network they're watching

  • How they’re watching – live, recorded or on demand

  • Whether they’re in front of their TV or another device

Addressable outsmarts programmatic and traditional linear TV

Unlike traditional linear or programmatic TV, INVIDI addressable technology can completely eliminate wasted reach, when ads are viewed by viewers who aren’t part of the target market. This precision can’t be stopped by ad blockers and introduces the ability to measure the impact of impressions when matched to actual conversions, closing the loop on true marketing outcomes and delivering improved audience understanding.

  • Traditional TV

    Buy Programs

  • Addressable TV

    Buy Viewers

Benefits abound for all users

The benefits generated by precision targeting are significant and flow to everyone involved in the delivery process.

  • Advertisers

    • Only pay for the audience you want
    • Expand your creative control with audience insights
    • Execute campaigns across mediums
    More Benefits
  • Ad Inventory Owners

    • Increase the value and usage of ad inventory
    • Introduce new revenue opportunities, reducing pressure on ad load
    • Enhanced content delivery platform
    More Benefits
  • Viewers

    • Better viewing experience
    • Exposure to more relevant and optimized advertising messages
    • Potential for fewer ads depending on ad load

Case Study

Take the Pain out of the Campaign with a +42% Sales Rate Lift.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 42% Sales rate lift
  • 38% Penetration lift

Learn more about their results on our Case Studies page.