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As highly-experienced leaders in the addressable TV advertising industry for more than a decade, INVIDI and other advertising experts are happy to share their thoughts on the addressable advertising opportunity, technology advancements, and its worldwide impact.

A Guide to Advanced TV Targeting
Published by Adam Lowy and Doug Fleming, IAB

Who’s Ready For Advanced TV?: A Beet Retreat Miami Panel With Furious Corp., INVIDI, SintecMedia, Videology And Google
Published by Beet.TV

Ahead of the Curve: Addressable TV Insights
Published by Advertiser Perceptions – Justin Fromm, VP Business Intelligence

Addressable TV Innovation Will Start in Europe, INVIDI’s CEO Dave Downey
Published by Beet.TV

Addressable TV: Harness the power of audience data for one-to-one targeting (whitepaper)
Published by Experian Marketing Services

AT&T’s Welch On INVIDI Deal: ‘Huge Opportunity’ For Cross-Screen Addressable Ads
Published by Beet.TV

INVIDI’s ‘Addressability In The Sky’ Excites 605’s Dolan
Published by Beet.TV

‘Satellite Switching’ Could Beam Down Nationwide Addressability: INVIDI’s Downey
Published by Beet.TV

INVIDI Acquired By AT&T/DISH/WPP – Next Stop, Outer Space: INVIDI’s Downey
Published by Beet.TV

INVIDI’s Di Blasio Aims For ‘All-Glass’ Decisioning By Q4
Published by Beet.TV

INVIDI’s Kubin Sees Addressable TV At A Tipping Point
Published by Beet.TV

INVIDI’s Addressable Horizons Expanding Fast: CEO Downey
Published by Beet.TV

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