Case Studies

Marketers are constantly under pressure to achieve greater campaign effectiveness and maximize return on investment for every dollar spent. Advertising must be relevant for the consumer and measurable for the brand to see the greatest impact.

The power of addressability and INVIDI technology is proven time and time again in the results, with over 90% of advertisers committing to running more addressable campaigns after seeing the results of their initial campaign.

From automotive and luxury goods to the political arena and financial and travel services, addressable TV advertising is improving campaign results for companies across the world.

Find out how advertisers are increasing campaign effectiveness and achieving success with addressable campaigns powered by INVIDI’s technology.

  • Take the pain out of the campaign with a +42% sales rate lift
    • 65%
      Target Research
    • 17.5 x
      Avg. Frequency
    • 117
      Delivery Index
  • Renters insurance saw 200% increase in conversion rate vs benchmark
    • 200%
      Increase in Conversion Rate
  • Greater cost efficiencies & more households buying more!
    • 99%
      Target Research
    • 23.4 x
      Avg. Frequency
    • 120
      Delivery Index
  • +77% sales rate lift, strong cost efficiencies achieved and halo effect on other models
    • 77%
      Increased sales rate for MDX model
    • 81%
      CPM Efficiency
    • 2nd
      Highest Sales Rate for RDX model

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