INVIDI addressable TV service sprouts up in Brussels

INVIDI, a company backed financially to the tune of $132m by industry titans such as Google, NBCUniversal, has launched a new Brussels-based operation it claims will help Europe ‘leap frog’ the US when it comes to addressable TV advertising.

The new operation offers a service that helps advertisers improve the effectiveness of their TV campaigns, by allowing them to targeted television spots across linear, digital and time-shifted media buys, and has been two-years in inception, CEO David Downey told The Beet Retreat conference, hosted by Beet.TV in Miami, Florida.

The system allows channels tenancy of the platform on one level, while protecting commercially sensitive data on the other. However, advertisers will be able to target key groups which he claims will move to accelerate the addressable TV model in Europe.

“We find it easier to innovate in Europe,” he told the audience, “However once we have proved the concept we can then take it into the US.”

He claimed that in many ways the structure of the US market – which has multi-channel video programming distributors (MVPD) at its core – is slowing down the coordination required to rapidly expand the addressable TV concept in the US.

He told Beet TV earlier this year that the addressable TV opportunity is a world away in Europe as a result…

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