IAB Names Best Practices for Audience-Based Advanced TV Targeting

(ONLINEVIDEO.NET) – For video advertisers just getting started with streaming options, the IAB’s Advanced TV Working Group has created a helpful two-page Advanced TV Targeting Overview. It’s a great resource for understanding what advanced TV and addressable TV are, discovering how both let advertisers target consumers, and learning best practices.

Advanced TV, the guide explains is a blanket term that covers everything beyond traditional linear TV, including OTT and connected TV, addressable TV, and addressable VOD. With advanced TV, advertisers can target individual houses and serve more relevant ads.

blockchain IAB advanced tv targeting“The television ecosystem is changing and providing great opportunity to advertisers—including the ability to conduct advanced TV targeting (i.e. serve one ad to one household as opposed to broadcasting the same ad to all households),” explains Eric John, deputy director of the IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence. “This ability to execute audience-based targeting is growing and increasing in popularity among marketers. As the guide points out, IAB estimates 56 percent of consumers’ TVs are IP-connected and according to ComScore, there are 51 million OTT households. At the same time, addressable TV ad spending is expected to reach $3.04 billion in 2019 (includes VOD, but excludes OTT).”

One section of the guide offers best practices for advertisers working with advanced TV buys:

  • Use frequency capping when possible.
  • Work with an experienced data onboarder to map out targeted segments.
  • Stream high-quality mezzanine files for better looking ads.
  • Make sure to get transparent third-party campaign measures that might include demo guarantees.

“We expect both sellers and buyers to be able to use this document to educate the industry on advanced TV targeting,” John says. “The targeting primer will arm advertisers and media buyers with practical advice on how to create and manage audience-based buys and target audiences through addressable TV (set-top box-driven campaigns) and OTT campaigns. Sellers can also use the document as they sell to help cultivate an understanding and confidence in advanced TV targeting.”

For more, download the guide for free (no registration required).