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“The Coolest Thing We’ve Ever Done!”

INVIDI Has Cross-Screen Buying Platform Called EDGE. LONDON –   Originally posted Dec.10,2019 on Beet.tv. A year after acquiring the former Videoplaza video ad technology from its latest owner, ad-tech firm INVIDI says it has launched a new software suite, aimed at uniting the disparate worlds of advanced TV advertising. In December 2018, INVIDI, which […]

These Are The Supply-Side Ad Servers Trying To Win The Next Generation Of TV

Television advertising is getting smarter. And the smartest companies in digital advertising are coming for TV. That means a royal rumble is playing out over who controls the ad serving for data-driven TV campaigns. AdExchanger looked at the TV and video ad serving landscape, where broadcasters and digital ad platforms like Google and Amazon fiercely […]

INVIDI’s COO, Bruce Anderson to speak at 2019 NAB Conference

Cross Platform Addressable Advertising – Today’s Opportunity With today’s expanding distribution options, Programmers, Networks and Station Groups have the opportunity to maximize the revenue potential of their advertising inventory. New technology unlocks additional revenue opportunities from addressable advertising. Today, this full activation of inventory for Ad insertion/replacement across all platforms – OTT, Smart TV or […]

“There is scale there”: Myths of Addressable TV Advertising

DigiDay – For all of advertising’s holy grails, addressable TV is often held out as the holiest of them. An ad shown on a TV-size screen alongside TV-quality content but pinpointed with digital’s precision — it’s the thing of John Wanamaker’s dreams. But like any good dream, it’s hard to tell what’s real. The distinction […]

How Using Addressable TV Can Reduce Repetitive Ads

It’s accessible enough that even smaller brands can do it The frequency gap can help solve the problem of seeing the same ad over and over. Getty Images   (AdWeek.com) – There’s a reason why all the digital platforms and tech giants are prioritizing TV. It’s a time-tested medium that drives results for marketers while […]

INVIDI Technologies Announces the Acquisition of Ooyala’s Advertising Technology Division

Princeton, NJ (December 5, 2018) – INVIDI Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of addressable television advertising systems, announced today they have acquired the advertising technology division (formerly Videoplaza) of Ooyala.  The division provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) ad serving platform specializing in digital video advertising and programmatic trading.  INVIDI will bring on over […]

Impact of Alternate Delivery Systems on Addressable Television

One definition of chaos is “complete disorder and confusion.” The origin of the word is pretty interesting: It comes from the Greek for “cha” (open) and “os” (mouth) – in other words, someone’s facial expression when witnessing complete disorder and confusion. There are a lot of open mouths in agency planning departments these days as […]

Fragmented Viewership and Addressable Television

The media press appears obsessed with what’s happening to the television audience: Lower viewership levels and greater fragmentation. Viewership of commercially-supported television is certainly dropping. The impact of commercial-free programming from Netflix, Amazon and others is substantial, undeniable, and not reversible. We’re never returning to the good old days of three networks, 70+ prime time […]