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Impact of Alternate Delivery Systems on Addressable Television

One definition of chaos is “complete disorder and confusion.” The origin of the word is pretty interesting: It comes from the Greek for “cha” (open) and “os” (mouth) – in other words, someone’s facial expression when witnessing complete disorder and confusion. There are a lot of open mouths in agency planning departments these days as […]

Fragmented Viewership and Addressable Television

The media press appears obsessed with what’s happening to the television audience: Lower viewership levels and greater fragmentation. Viewership of commercially-supported television is certainly dropping. The impact of commercial-free programming from Netflix, Amazon and others is substantial, undeniable, and not reversible. We’re never returning to the good old days of three networks, 70+ prime time […]

eCPMs: You only get one chance to make an effective impression

Oh, the good old days when television was simple to plan and buy! All you had to do was: Pick a Nielsen age and gender cohort – Adults 18-49, Men 25-54, Women 18-34, Negotiate your cost per thousand (CPM) by daypart, Refer to the plan’s daypart mix, Allocate dollars by daypart, Calculate whether that will […]