System flexibility and adaptability are unique to INVIDI

Flexibility and adaptability are two hallmarks of INVIDI’s addressable technology solutions. These traits allow INVIDI partners to transform any cable, satellite or telco video content delivery network, revamping legacy systems without significant capital or hardware investments.

INVIDI is the world’s only addressable solution that works with live linear, recorded or on-demand TV regardless of device, using patented technology that enables service providers and programmers to offer targeted TV advertising.

As a best-of-breed system, the INVIDI solution is:

  • Cost-efficient

    Minimizes disruption to legacy processes, workflows, and architecture while avoiding costly capital investment.

  • Advanced

    Uses exclusive, patented intellectual property to deliver unprecedented capabilities for TV and across devices.

  • Reliable

    Delivers smooth, monitored advertising insertions that do not jeopardize the underlying video signal.

  • Intelligent

    Enables third-party data analysis for advertisers to make more informed decisions and clearly demonstrate campaign ROI.

  • Data-driven

    Enable more informed decisions through better use of readily-available data.

  • Privacy-centered

    Identify and target the right audience without invading the consumer’s privacy.

  • Device-agnostic

    Engage the right audience no matter what, when or how they’re watching.

Case Study

Take the Pain out of the Campaign with a +42% Sales Rate Lift.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 42% Sales rate lift
  • 38% Penetration lift

Learn more about their results on our Case Studies page.