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INVIDI ADS Homes In On American Households
As if the decision-making process wasn’t complicated enough. Today’s advertisers, agencies and media buyers face the daunting task of reaching relevant households in an increasingly fractionalized digital homescape.

A Mountain of Marketing Data
Marketing Companies are offering a broad array of data resources loaded with value-added household information, demographic criteria and behavioral analytics. With subscriber information and unique advertiser intelligence at hand, the advertising delivery decision-making process takes on new dimensions. The demands of integrating this deluge of data while protecting the privacy of subscribers has system operators challenged trying to make sense of it all.
And Subscribers On The Loose
Ad skippers and time shifters have become adept at artfully dodging advertising - the life-blood of television. As operators search for better ways to keep advertising viable they must make household targeting decisions in order to deliver advertising that is more relevant and engaging to viewers.

Making critical decisions is the measure of performance
Command performance requires command of the languages and protocols that operating systems, external resources and component applications place on the overall advertising decision and selection process. Addressable television advertising requires delivery determinations and decision criteria that translate into highly targeted household selections.
Welcome to INVIDI ADS™
INVIDI ADS™ is essential addressable television advertising technology – the foundation for building precision household delivery capabilities today and the most coherent path for transitioning to tomorrow’s implementations as more advanced television advertising applications roll out and ROI performance demands increase.

INVIDI ADS™ makes quick work of the difficult decisions required in making precision household delivery a reality. Welcome to a new era of television advertising and marketing performance – where relevance, engagement, efficiency and accountability are truly becoming household words.