Addressable Advertising

Distributor & Programmer Benefits

Drive revenue by eliminating wasted reach

While TV has been a dominant global medium since the 1950s, advertising has changed a lot since then. But the way most TV commercials are delivered hasn’t. Everyone watching the same show watches the same commercials; by its very nature, this outdated practice creates billions of wasted impressions.

Addressable technology allows advertising inventory owners to:

Sell access to viewers, not programs
As advertisers move to more audience-based approaches, free your TV inventory of program and time restrictions and focus on selling advertisers the target audiences and outcomes they want at a higher value.  This monetizes what used to be wasted reach.
Capture a higher share of ad spend
Both new and existing advertisers will be interested in the enhanced targeting and measurement now available in TV advertising, increasing the attractiveness of TV ads for their campaigns.
Revitalize underperforming inventory
Aggregate impressions in long-tail programming and realize premiums as high as 7.5x their average current effective value and develop new revenue streams altogether.
Deliver more effective promotions
Drive higher revenue per subscriber by targeting specific audiences with customized offerings to drive meaningful increases in service penetration as well as take-up and tune-in conversion rates.
Improve the viewing experience
More efficient inventory allocation presents an opportunity to reduce ad loads while delivering content that is more relevant to the viewer.
Attract new advertisers to TV
Promote direct messaging capabilities to new advertisers looking to target niche premium and localized audiences with the impact of TV.
Effectively compete with other ad mediums
Deliver the outcome-based pricing, measurement and tracking of online media without any fraud, viewability or ad-blocking issues.
Realize quick results
The INVIDI system has been purpose-built to minimize disruption to legacy processes, workflows and architectures while delivering proven results.

The INVIDI addressable advertising system removes the need to schedule ads during specific shows or time slots allowing operators to identify inventory for aggregation. When the STB (set-top box) detects an opportunity to insert an addressable ad, it chooses the most relevant ad for its current audience in real time.  This eliminates the need to schedule content delivery in advance and optimizes inventory use.  Learn more>>

Enhanced reporting capabilities close the marketing loop

With the INVIDI addressable TV advertising solution, you’re able to help advertisers with in-depth campaign results analysis, drilling down into success factors and closing the loop on marketing efforts across all platforms.

Marketers are able to see at an individual household level:

  • Which ad was played, what time it played and how long it was viewed
  • Number of times the ad played over a specific time period
  • Which network the ad played on


Case Study

Take the Pain out of the Campaign with a +42% Sales Rate Lift.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 42% Sales rate lift
  • 38% Penetration lift

Learn more about their results on our Case Studies page.